Project2: program+ (Villa Muller)

Project2: Architectual Proposition

The architectural proposition is a conceptual model that explores the relationship between private and public space and the landscape. The ideas I got from Villa Muller is the new perspective to connect the functional space and the way to use circulation system as a key element to play with the space.

The model is assumed to be a residential unit and situated in a dense forest, which means the privacy issue is not that important. Based on this, the fundamental principle for this design becomes to merge the building into the natural surroundings. I create 5 'boxes' differentiated by their volumes. They are intersected and interlaced to create different layers of space, as well as terraces for lookout. Each cube could be regarded as a view container due to the two large opposite openings. A series of staircase links up all of these spaces. They are intentionally placed outside each 'box' to allow the extra views for the other two sides. Therefore, the process of moving up and down through the staircase and passing through these spaces is not only about the transition between public and private, but also about obtaining continuous and comprehensive views of the landscape towards all directions. While for the top volume, which is assumed to be the most private one, it breaks all the constraints of enclosure by extending itself to another wide open space.